Television: The Next Victim of the Advertising Famine

I don’t find this as big a deal as calling it a "famine" but I do understand that the changes in the world and technologies will require these companies to evolve. The same viewership and money is still out there, people didn’t suddenly stop enjoying entertaining programming, it’s just the method which they digest it which has and these corporations must adapt. It reminds me of the VOIP issue on telephones with the end result being more competitors and ultimately better prices/services for the consumer.

The Atlantic

Television is facing a Catch-22. The demand for new content experiences will only continue to stretch their audience across platforms. You can watch 30 Rock on Hulu,, DVDs, TiVo and, oh yeah, the old fashioned teevee box. That stretching of audiences (already diluted by cable’s buffet) means Stevenson’s clarion call isn’t the last you’ll hear about the new ad crisis in television.