Engadget HD Podcast 150 – 08.12.2009

Another week and another feature packed episode of the EngadgetHD podcast with Ben and friends. Lots of things to get excited about this week as we inch closer and closer to CEDIA and the dreams of some great predictions coming to fruition–or being dashed quickly.


We started out this week on a good note, looking forward to exciting things for Windows MCE at next month’s CEDIA show. The good vibes kept flowing as we discussed over 50-percent penetration of HDTVs and hopeful shifts among the media giants to move towards new business models for the content we crave. We should have stopped there, but we didn’t, and our wings of wax failed us. Talking about the iTunes + Blu-ray rumors set us into a downward spiral that ended with us kvetching about broadcasters mangling aspect ratios, crappy TV demos at retail, Ben’s sour notes about Harmony remotes, and "new" TiVo features that came to us from the 90s. Trainwreck? Maybe, but you know you want to check it out.