Cnet tests flash 10.2 Beta on Motorolla Xoom. Is this a tablet for web video fans?

Like it or not, Adobe Flash is an important part of the full web experience.  I’ve been keeping my eye out for a portable tablet that can deliver web video and good codec support for my media library.  I’d like to enjoy video on the road, or even just lounging around the house.  My own personal TV with all the capability of your HTPC.

Cnet takes a look at Flash 10.2 beta on the Xoom to see if it has the chops to make a portable tablet capable of playing anything you find on the web.


Flash on the Xoom works. Games, video, and ads all deliver comparable experiences to what you’d have on a desktop or notebook; however, this update doesn’t transform your Xoom browser into something that inherently gives you a full Web experience.

You’ll have to do some tweaking and perhaps wait until Adobe releases the final version with a few much-needed optimizations to finally get the experience they’ve claimed is coming.

  • it still runs like crap.

    it still runs like crap. flash is the butt of a joke, only no one is laughing.


    worst part is, html5 is probably never going to be a proper replacement because of DRM.

  • It still doesn’t help me play

    It still doesn’t help me play Netflix on my phone or Chrome Notebook. I am hoping HTML5 becomes the standard everyone accepts and Flash goes the way of RealPlayer.