Zediva Emerges as a New Netflix Competitor


Over the years, we’ve seen efforts from Walmart and Blockbuster to crack the Netflix juggernaut. The latest comes from Zediva which not only will rent you DVDs by mail, but will also instantly stream DVDs right to your PC, MAC, Google TV or Android devices (2.1 and higher) with plans for more devices soon. That’s not all, Zediva will rent you titles before Netflix is allowed to rent them. Current streaming pricing is $1.99 per title or 10 titles for $10.

There is, of course, a catch. What you are renting from Zediva is actually a DVD and DVD player. It sounds a bit unusual, that’s for sure.

At first I thought this was an elaborate prank, but it’s really an ingenious idea. Zediva rents new releases for $1.99 (or 10 for $10) by renting customers a DVD player and DVD and then then streaming the movie online. 

Hacking Netflix.com

  • I love it! ¬†Unusual but

    I love it!  Unusual but ingenious way to get around movie studio absurd restrictions.  I have no interest in DVDs but I think I’m going to rent one tonight just to check it out.

  • so clever indeed. I can’t

    so clever indeed. I can’t wait to see their server house….so what’re they doing, transcoding the dvd movies on the fly? Absolutely ingenius. I don’t see how they can offer it for 14 days though….i wonder if they’re getting their movies through netflix lol

    but…isn’t there some kind of law or contract on renting movies that you can’t resell the rental? this just screams of a loophole that isn’t going to last

  • George L. Schmauch Jr.

    I can’t find the article at

    I can’t find the article at the moment, but when I first read about this, a someone chimed in saying this was most likely illegal and would not last very long.  Specifically, they said, “Use up your $10 fast!  The site might not be there tomorrow.”