HD Guru Explains Projectors

The cost and installation considerations have made direct view displays a much more appealing alternative in my home theater right now,  but at some point (maybe when the kids get old enough that I can “multi-purpose” the family room) I’d love to have a nice projector.  If you’re at that stage, and like me, need a good refresher on the technology and what it would cost to bring it home the HD Guru has just the thing for you – appropriately titled “HDTV Projectors are Awesome”.

In the past ten years, projectors have gotten smaller, brighter, better, and better and better and better. These days, many projectors offer far superior picture quality than any LCD or Plasma. What’s even more amazing is that they’re often no more expensive than a big flat panel. Intrigued? I’d hope so.


  • While I love my plasma,

    While I love my plasma, someday when I have a dedicated screening room, I’d love to also get a projector.

    • Fully agree, that’s my

      Fully agree, that’s my long-term plan, too. A nice home theater room…