Microsoft Zune HD vs. Apple iPod Touch


Not directly HTPC related, but I’m sure there’s plenty of you out there using the iPod or Zune to manage your library when you hit the road, so this is a pretty interesting debate. The ZuneHD has received some positive news thus far, so see how it handles against the iPod Touch.



The generous 3.5-inch screen on Apple’s iPod Touch has long made it the de facto player of choice for on-the-go video, but Microsoft set out to challenge that lead with the ZuneHD. Not by offering a bigger screen, but a better one. Although the ZuneHD screen measures a slightly smaller 3.3 inches diagonally, it’s uses cutting edge OLED technology, which delivers brightness and contrast unlike anything you can find in a LCD. It’s the same technology that sizzled before our eyes on the Samsung Impression and it looks even more impressive here, where Microsoft has crammed more pixels (480 by 272) into a similar space for a crisper look. You’ll really only need to watch Microsoft’s demo video to realize that this is no gimmick – it absolutely shimmers with color. If this thing were a miniature TV, it would be the Pioneer Elite Kuro Pro 111FD.