Samsung Spins Off LCD Division, Doubles Down on OLED

Samsung LCD

Last week Samsung let slip that it was considering different ways to restructure is LCD division. Despite selling more flat-panel TVs than any other company in the world last year, their display business was responsible for more than $800M in losses, mostly due to price weakness in the LCD market. The LCD division will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung […]

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S&P Downgrades Sony, TV Losses Largely to Blame

Sony Weighed Down

Kaz Hirai hasn’t even moved into his new office as CEO of Sony and already there is talk of pressure being applied to turn Sony’s flagging fortunes around after Standard and Poor’s cut the company’s long term debt rating from A- to BBB+. The ratings downgrade comes on the heels of a similar downgrade by Moody’s a few weeks ago and […]

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Corning and Samsung Partnering on Lotus Glass for OLED Displays

Lotus Glass

Samsung is one of the world’s largest cell phone manufacturers and Corning’s exceedingly strong and scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass has been extremely popular for cell phone displays. The two companies have found success working together before, and now the two companies are working together on a new type of glass called Lotus Glass. Lotus Glass is intended to be used in […]

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Samsung Booth – CES 2012


After sitting through Samsung’s CES press conference and seeing their newest displays I was expecting great things when we finally made it to the booth. Unfortunately, it was all about Smart TVs at Samsung; which is not to say that connected platforms aren’t important, just in my opinion less so than picture quality. While it’s impossible to really judge the […]

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Panasonic Booth – CES 2012


I expected to enjoy the trip to Panasonic’s booth at CES because I love looking at big, high quality HDTVs and historically they have delivered on both points. This year’s models will prove no exception to that as they have raised the bar again with better picture quality through panel improvements and higher internal refresh rates. There were many interesting […]

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Samsung Press Conference – CES 2012


Samsung sure knows how to run a press event, and to be honest it was an easy sell because they announced some amazing TVs (although Panasonic did sure did their best to make 3D and 3DTVs incredible boring, so boring that I’m going to save any comments until tomorrow when I get a chance to see the TVs up close). […]

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Toshiba Announces 4K 3DTV for U.S. in Q1 2012

Toshiba 4K

If LG’s upcoming 84″ 4K TV is too big for your living room, then Toshiba wants you to know that they have you covered. Toshiba has announced that they are planning to bring a 55″ 4K 3DTV to the U.S. in the next few months. The 3D will run at a relatively measly 720p, but it will be autostereoscopic, so […]

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Americans Buying More TVs, More Often


The first time I heard about high definition television was in junior high when my social studies teacher showed a Nightline episode about the Japanese domination of the consumer electronics industry. It took about 15 years, but HDTVs eventually came to the U.S. The introduction of HDTV and the transition from NTSC to ATSC marked the biggest change in televisions […]

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