Improving WAF for completely selfish reasons


How pathetic am I?  I could just stop there but I won’t.    In a recent blog post I described how my family is currently testing out Netflix.  While it was fun at first to be able to stream movies on my laptop I quickly got tired of the small screen size.  Unfortunately, since we have a newborn at home it’s hard to get to our family room (which is in our basement) to watch shows on the big TV.  We’re kinda stuck to the main floor for a while. 

In order to allow my wife (and I will admit – me too) to take better advantage of the subscription while she is home on maternity leave I recently moved my 32" LCD TV into our living room.  Essentially, it is sitting on my daughters drawing table right behind the footrest for our rocking chair.  So if you’re sitting in the chair, it’s about 5 feet away from you.  At that distance the screen is nice and large.  It makes sitting with a sleeping child for a couple hours much more enjoyable.

It works great for me and it won me points with my wife as well.  She loved it.  What do you think?

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