Weekly Podcast Roundup, October 14th 2010

Here’s the roundup of podcasts in the past week…Enjoy!

This week’s podcast gets started with some of the best comments left after the last episode, before we delve into our (very different) opinions of the initial Google TV efforts from Logitech and Sony. After that, Cisco tries to get into HDTV-based videoconferencing and the Windows Phone 7 launch brings some bonuses for HD viewers in the form of Xbox 360s on U-verse and U-verse mobile. DirecTV and Verizon also made news last week, and while 3D fans should take note of ESPN’s NBA plans and Call of Duty: Black Ops. FCC speculation, Toshiba’s 3DTV and a survey close things out before we give a shout out to our own Darren Murph for setting a Guinness World Record.

If you know of a podcast you would like added to the weekly roundup, please do e-mail me at mike (at) missingremote dot com and I’ll make sure to add it’s RSS to my list!