Worlds first 3d HTPC

  The new Vision 3D HTPC series was built for delivering amazing 3D game, movie entertainments as well as daily office jobs. Its sleek, stylish look doesn’t means it has to sacrifice function. Instead, it’s remarkably smart. ASRock Vision 3D is a multi-tasking system which brings the unparalleled performance to the real world! Plus, it’s also the first HTPC supporting […]

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Adobe Flash Player “Square”


The public beta of Adobe Flash Player "Square" is now available for download.  For you Linux users the beta was available for download some time ago but was later removed.  I’m not a fan of Flash based websites but I’m a huge x86-64 fan boy so I couldn’t resist installing. So far seems to work very well on Windows and Linux […]

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NVIDIA Joins the HD Audio Bitstreaming Club


According to the beta driver release notes NVIDIA has finally joined Intel and AMD\ATI in the HD Audio bitstreaming club with their GeForce GTX 460 GPUs. We will have to update our Bit Streaming HDMI HD Audio Guide.   Blu-ray 3D Adds support for playing back Blu-ray 3D discs when connecting your GPU to an HDMI 1.4 3D TV. Playback requires […]

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Boxee Box Opts For Intel CE4100 SOC

I have to say dropping Tegra for an Atom based SOC makes the Boxee Box a lot more interesting.    The ideal solution in the living room would combine the popular UI of HTPC based media centers with the decoding power of the present day media streamers. Unfortunately, these UIs are dependent on some sort of OpenGL acceleration being made […]

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SageTV V7 Plugins

If you’re looking for a comprehensive list of all the modifications available for SageTV V7 GeekTonic has you covered.  Since we’re on the subject, V7’s built in plugin management is a truly beautiful thing.   Below is a comprehensive list of all SageTV 7 plugins as of September 12, 2010.  When available (if none is available there will be no […]

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New Apple TV

I’ll update with the official specs when Apple updates their site but the new Apple TV was demonstrated today at the Apple Fall Event. It is basically small, silent, "attractive" and cheap.  It will be released in 4 weeks for $99.  It can stream from iTunes and Netflix and play content from your network as well. No Blu-ray support so […]

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GeekTonic Reviews the HD300

I really enjoy getting a myriad of perspectives on anything I’m considering (does anyone else subscribe to "owners" threads on AVSForum before becoming an owner?) picking up, so it was cool to see Brent’s take on the HD300.   The SageTV Extenders including the HD200 and now the HD300 extends your Home Theater PC (HTPC) to your TV using a […]

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