IDF 2010: Acer Revo 2, Asus Companion Box sport Intel Atom CE4100 processors, WMC Embedded

I didn’t expect to be so disappointed by missing IDF 2010 but between Sandy Bridge news and two Windows Media Center Embedded devices I am.

No official word on price but if it is the same ballpark as Boxee I’ll be one happy geek. 


The Boxee Box isn’t the only device bragging today about its Intel Atom CE4100 processor. Two new ones were on display at the Intel Developer Forum sporting the same CPU. In addition, the two devices come equipped with the new Windows Media Center Embedded, an entertainment-friendly version of Windows Embedded Standard 7.
While neither the Acer Revo 2 nor the Asus Companion Box looks any sexier than a standard DVD player, the Revo 2 does include the potentially cool Revo Pad, which can work as a slide-out navigation device /remote or an illuminated touchscreen keyboard. It also has a lengthier spec list, including an internal hard drive, built-in optical drive, and HDMI output. The Asus box lacks internal drives and HDMI, but includes an ATSC tuner and component video output for HD sources. It doesn’t appear that either comes with built-in Wi-Fi, which you’d think would be a no-brainer by this point.