diamond design Dune Keyboard


I’ve been recommending the Logitech DiNovo Mini for quite some time now, but it’s fairly expensive at over $100 so it’s good to see finally an alternative worthy of being mentioned. Using the keyboard with my Dune players was easy to , simply plug in the RF receiver into the USB port on the Dune, power up the keyboard remote, […]

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First look: Intel DH61AG Thin Mini-ITX Media Series Motherboard

Intel DH61AG Thin Mini-ITX Media Series Motherboard

Over the last several weeks we had the pleasure of testing the new Intel Mini-ITX Media Series Motherboard, dubbed the DH61AG. This is what I consider to be the first truly HTPC-centric motherboard.  Since the first integrated graphics processing unit (iGPU) with HDMI output was introduced we have heard boards coined as the “the perfect HTPC board” or “HTPC nirvana.” […]

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Boxee Software Client Getting an Update…Eventually

Every few months I get curious about WMC alternatives and end up loading Boxee. I’ve always found it just a little too rough around the edges. When the Boxee Box first came out I was hopeful that this would provide the development impetus that would turn Boxee into a viable WMC replacement, at least in my book.  Unfortunately, my hopes have […]

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Organize Your Media Files with Mediafile

I do not archive many television series, but those few that I have collected have been left in DVD rips because, frankly, I have been too lazy to separate the episodes and prep them for MediaBrowser or My Movies.  However this little tool might just be enough to convince me to take the plunge.  I also like the idea of […]

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