diamond design Dune Keyboard


I’ve been recommending the Logitech DiNovo Mini for quite some time now, but it’s fairly expensive at over $100 so it’s good to see finally an alternative worthy of being mentioned.

Using the keyboard with my Dune players was easy to , simply plug in the RF receiver into the USB port on the Dune, power up the keyboard remote, and you are ready to go. Navigating around was equally as easy. The trackpad can be used to navigate around the UI, or you can simply use the directional keys. One feature in particular that the Dune players come with is a web browser, something that the Dune Keyboard would seem perfectly suited for. I loaded up the web browser and to my surprise the browser combined with the keyboard worked extremely well. The keys felt very comfortable and I found it very easy to type without feeling like I was pressing multiple buttons at once. Since the keyboard can be backlit I never had to worry about seeing the keys, something that is a major failure with the Boxee Box remote.