Samsung Reveals 2011 3D Bluetooth Glasses

Samsung 2011 Bluetooth 3D Glasses

If you have read our XPAND Universal 3D Glasses review, you know why we’re not too fond of infrared as a physical communication layer for active shutter glasses. Samsung has now finally uncovered their new Bluetooth 3D active shutter glasses that will be used with 2011 models.

Samsung appears to have also enhanced the feature set of their new glasses by making them extremely light at less than an ounce and providing an induction charger that can recharge up to 4 glasses simultaneously without plugging them in.

Those features sound great, but the glasses also have no sides to help shield peripheral vision from picking up distractions. Of course, it may be that the glasses fit in such a way as to not require this. Also, what about us 2010 Samsung display owners? Will we see an IR to Bluetooth adapter so we can use the new glasses? Of course, this may not be possible or desirable if Samsung has changed other charecteristics of their 2011 displays.

Samsung has unveiled a new type of active shutter 3D glasses that improve on almost all issues found in conventional pairs.

The company’s new 3D glasses use Bluetooth instead of infrared signals to sync with the 3D TV, meaning the glasses don’t need to have line-of-sight with the TV. With conventional, infrared glasses, the signal can be disrupted by obstructions between the glasses and the TV or emitter, disabling the shutters. Bluetooth solves this problem by using radio instead of infrared transmissions. Because of the new technology, the glasses will only work with 2011 and later Samsung 3D HDTVs; older models that use infrared technology can’t use the new glasses.

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  • The glasses certainly look

    The glasses certainly look cool and induction charging is an awesome feature.  I have to wonder how much they are going to charge for them though…

    • I can’t wait to find out. I

      I can’t wait to find out. I would definitely pay more to get these over the current Samsung IR glasses.

  • I wonder how comfortable they

    I wonder how comfortable they are.  The headband design with the bluetooth/battery module in the back seems like it might be annoying to lay back with your head resting on a pillow.  Of course, that’s just from looking at the picture/description, have to try them on myself to see.  The new features in them seem really cool.  I’m a fan of induction charging.

  • They are already on sale on
    They are already on sale on amazon with megamind looks to be the same price shrek was originally. Nice they still include shrek as well.

    • snore…. get back to me when

      snore…. get back to me when I don’t need to wear any glasses.  That’s why I got lasik done in the first place.  Glasses free after 25 years, and the only reason I’ll even wear sunglasses is because I’m still not used to being free of the tinted lenses….

      How are these supposed to work for those who still have to wear glasses anyways???

      • You simply wear glasses as

        You simply wear glasses as normal and then also wear the 3D glasses. The glasses are generally designed to allow for this.