Blu-Ray Releases – March 22, 2011

A lot of Blu-ray releases this week, but I didn’t see much stand out. Well, that is besides “Battle of Los Angeles.” But worry not, the studios have not gone mad, this is not the one still in theaters but instead is a low budget copy cat garbage film. How they get away with things like that are beyond me. If you like Kung Fu movies, you’ve almost certainly seen the two Jet Li films bundled together–Fearless and Unleashed–even though the former is WAY better than the latter. With that being said…

MissingRemote’s Pick of the Week

This was an easy choice since it was just about the only new release besides Yogi Bear, which long time readers will know was NOT going to get my vote. That being said, The Tourist was just OK. The plot is tough to explain without giving away things, but basically Jolie and Depp have just met and are running from people trying to get Jolie, while Depp is just a humble math teacher in the Midwest who falls for her and of course suddenly is willing to risk his life for her. Chaos unsurprisingly ensues. There are some fun chase scenes and the chemistry between the two was ok, so it’s worth at least a rental IMO.

Note:  Warner Brothers, Universal and Fox titles which  have the 30-day Netflix/Redbox rental window imposed on them are noted with **  next to the title.



  • George L. Schmauch Jr.

    I’m sorry, but The

    I’m sorry, but The Tourist–which you admit to being “just OK”–gets the vote over Stand By Me?  I’m beginning to think you’re a paid shill for the studios!  Wink  I’ve got one word for you:  LEECHES.

  • ROFL!!! Ok, no, of course

    ROFL!!! Ok, no, of course Stand By Me is WAYYYY better than The Tourist. But part of what my thinking goes on the picks of the week, is I want something that’s going to look amazing on Blu-ray. Not to say Stand By Me wouldn’t…ok, I’m just making excuses here.

    *ducks in shame* 🙂

  • What about Riddick

    What about Riddick Collection?  Pitch Black was a good movie and I would have thought right up your alley.

    • I would have gone for Pitch

      I would have gone for Pitch Black or the Jet Li bundle (although since I already own Fearless on BD, that hurts it a bit).

  • i included it in the bottom

    i included it in the bottom thumbnails for a reason 🙂 That being said, while Pitch Black was *awesome*, the same can’t be said for Chronicles of Riddick which were pretty plain bad in my opinion.

    • I can’t argue that Chronicles

      I can’t argue that Chronicles of Riddick wasn’t bad–it was.  But I enjoyed it nonetheless.  I had zero expectations so that helped.

      I was hoping the final part (it was supposed to be a trilogy) would be produced.

  • Mike, how dare you not choose

    Mike, how dare you not choose Yogi Bear 3D!!!

  • lol, i think you guys enjoy

    lol, i think you guys enjoy this for giving me grief more than anything!

  • George L. Schmauch Jr.

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