Internet Streaming Services Analyzed, Winner Declared

If you are looking for an analysis of streaming content services which places an emphasis on quality, Tech of the Hub Blog has got you covered. The result is no surprise, VUDU is top dog while Netflix is declared “best value”.

Given the recent announcements from Netflix and Amazon, there’s been a lot written about video streaming services lately. One thing not thoroughly covered is the audio and video quality of streaming services. It’s ironic that you’ve invested all of this money in your home theater system–large HD screen, receiver and speakers–and you end up watching content that would not look different on your old 25″ RCA tube set.

Tech of the Hub has done its own comparison of video streaming services with a focus on picture and sound quality. Specifically, the Hub sampled the offerings from Amazon, Hulu Plus, iTunes, Netflix and VUDU.

Tech of the Hub Blog

  • And this is why I get

    And this is why I get Blu-rays from Netflix.  I watch streaming anytime I want something quick and convenient where quality doesn’t matter much.  But anytime I want eye/sound candy, I go straight to the highest quality source and pop in a disc.

    • +1 for Blu-Ray rentals from

      +1 for Blu-Ray rentals from either Netflix or RedBox.  Streaming is fine if you’re not concerned with the best qiuality possible and are just interested in convenience.  I got into home theater and HD for the quality so using a service that falls even just slightly short won’t cut it.  At least some of the services are finally addressing the audio shortcomings that have plagued streaming services for quite some time.  Still, I’m not the least bit interested, especially when I can get a Blu-Ray rental for a fraction of the cost and not sacrifice any portion of the quality.  I don’t care if they offer it the same day it’s released in theaters.  If the movie is good today it will still be good six months from now.

  • I’m lucky that (for now) i’m

    I’m lucky that (for now) i’m in a living situation where 5.1 isn’t a possibility, so stereo is fine for me. Combine that with having a television with dismal black levels and I’ve just learned to accept the ceiling on the quality i can expect. so long as I am at least watching HD (rather than SD) I can stay more or less satisfied.

  • George L. Schmauch Jr.

    For some reason, I found that

    For some reason, I found that depressing.  Now, I’m twice as depressed, simply because it’s depressing that I found that depressing.

    Okay, no more xkcd visits today.

  • Unfortunately VUDU is only

    Unfortunately VUDU is only 480p when used on a PC with Boxee. Anyone know if that will change anytime soon?

    • I think it has the

      I think it has the possibility with Intel’s new security feature in Sandybridge processors. The major problem is that studios simply don’t trust the PC as a secure platform and that’s why you don’t see premium content on it. At CES, Intel did show that Cinema Now is currently sending 1080p streams to Sandybridge-equipped PCs, so there is hope.

  • Has anyone here compared the

    Has anyone here compared the quality of Netflix’s 1080p on the PS3 vs Netflix’s 720hd?