Hubitat Elevation C-7 Home Automation Controller

As a long-time Hubitat Elevation C-5 home automation controller user, I was really looking forward to swapping in their new C-7 hub and reviewing it. While it has worked out for the most part, it wasn’t as clean, easy, or simple as I expected. Device: 00:33​ Features/Functionality: 2:24​ Stability/Performance: 21:28​ Migration: 24:30​ Support: 24:45​ Wrapping Up: 26:16​ Tangent: 27:00​ Back […]

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TRENDnet TMO-311C2K Two pack MoCA Adapters

If pulling Ethernet cable isn’t an option in your house/flat/apartment, and Wi-Fi isn’t cutting it. MoCA adapters are a great solution for getting near gigabit speeds without much compromise. With great performance and good efficiency (2×2.5W max-load, 2×1.7W general use), the TRENDnet TMO-311C2K might be the perfect solution to extend network access throughout your home.

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