Viofo A129 Pro Duo Ford Mustang Mach-E Dashcam Install

This video briefly outlines how I installed a dashcam in my car. There are some bits that are specific to my car, and the hardwire kit that I used, but for the most part it should work in mostly the same way on any car, with any kit.


I mentioned that it was a bit of a faff to get the fuse cover off in the video, and rightly, I was asked how to get it off. Let’s fix that :).


This is a photo of the passenger foot well on my Mach-E. I think the intent is that you can remove the fuse panel cover by tugging on the four corners (marked with the fingers). There are several metal clips under the cover, and two long plastic “fingers” with a soft covering (marked with the green arrows) that hold it in place. I think the intent is that you can remove it by itself, but it takes a lot more force to unseat the clips than I expected given that this should be designed to be removed. It was much more like removing a trim piece that was not designed to be removed. Once the clips were freed by tugging on the four corners (marked with the hands), I had a hard time getting the “fingers” out so I pulled the two push pins (circled in orange). This takes a normal screw driver to pry the center out, then pull it a little and the whole panel will come off. As it turned out, doing it this way was a good thing because it gave slightly better access for running the wires to the door jam, but it’s not essential.