Net Metering Isn’t a Subsidy

There have been several oddly similar anti-net metering op-eds floating around the national newspapers recently. I say “oddly similar” because they tend to repeat the same talking points, argued with little factual backing, with a clear intent to invoke an emotional “that’s not fair” response from readers using class-based rhetoric around how the scheme is a “subsidy” for the rich. […]

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Instant Torque Is Electric

I often find that the key to solving a problem, both personally, and professionally, is to complain out-loud. Sometimes, simply the act of making the necessary noises in a public way is enough to provide the nudge I needed towards resolution. I like to think that it’s because the act of articulating the issue, helps me solve it because I […]

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EV Paralysis

I would like to replace my car with an EV (electric vehicle), or more precisely a battery electric vehicle (BEV). My problem is mostly twofold: I don’t want to move backwards in terms of comfort/convenience/features versus my current ICE (internal combustion engine) car, and the market is evolving at a pace which makes something significantly better “just around the corner”. […]

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