ShockFlo Tesla to J1772 Adapter – 48A/250V

Level 2 electric vehicle (EV) “chargers”, or EVSE, are becoming more common, which is a great thing, because charging while the EV is “at rest” is the way we should be refueling our cars. In some locations it can be difficult to find a J1772 (the standard used by non-Tesla EVs) EVSE, so it’s a great idea to keep an adapter like this one in the car so you can charge in the most convenient way.

ShockFlo has generously provided an additional discount for the adapter below. FYI – I am not compensated in anyway if you use it. I wasn’t aware they were going to do this when I filmed the review.

*Use 20% off discount code ’20H7ONMU’ and get a -28 off coupon on Amazon, Final price is $83.99 for the ShockFlo J1772 EVs Adapter, Tesla to J1772 Adapter: (Code expires 2022-12-5)*

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Albert Jobelle
Albert Jobelle
1 year ago

Should I worry about leaving it for hours connected to the car and charging station even after the EV is done charging?

11 months ago

That seems to be nice