NACS Takes A Step Closer To De Facto Standard

Despite the use of “standard” in the name of the North America Charging Standard (NACS), aka Tesla plug; NACS isn’t actually a standard. There are procedures around how standards get made, and Tesla didn’t do that. That’s not always important, Apple’s Lightning Connector isn’t a standard either, and it does just fine – well, until recently. What really matters is […]

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Fixing A Common Car Won’t Charge Issue

I found this post on the Mach-E forum, but it applies to every other electric vehicle (EV), including Tesla if you’re using a J-1772 EVSE (aka Charger) with an adapter. I’ve experienced this one myself, both with our Mach-E and the EV6 at public L2 charging stations. I’ve never dug into the problem, but I suspected it had to do […]

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Some Thoughts Around DCFC Etiquette

I saw this post, phrased in slightly different ways, in a few of the EV groups I follow on Facebook. As an Kia EV6 (and MME) owner, what I think this person has, I get it the minor inconvenience of waiting five minutes longer than you absolutely needed to is inconvenient, but this is a more complex topic than it […]

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