AMPROAD iFlow P9 Portable Adjustable Electric Car Charger (EVSE)

There aren’t enough portable, adjustable, EVSE out there. And most of those that do exist have a fairly sketchy safety certification story. The AMPROAD iFlow P9, sold by in North America, is slightly better on this front. But the specifications are slightly misleading when it comes to the degree of adjustability, which keeps this EVSE from being a solid all-rounder.

  • Adjustability Limitations: 00:19
  • Wi-Fi: 1:40
  • Safety Certifications: 2:17
  • What you get: 3:27
  • Device Walkthrough: 4:35
  • Charge Testing: 7:14
  • Thermals: 8:52
  • Final Thoughts: 9:21