Netflix vs Blockbuster – An Infographic

I’ll admit, I love infographics. Steve gave me the heads up to this infographic that’s analyzing the history and demise of Blockbuster in comparison to the rise of Netflix. It’s quite interesting if you weren’t always aware of the happenings. Of course, if you owned Blockbuster stock, you probably know all too well.

  • Nice way to show the history

    Nice way to show the history between the two companies in a nutshell.  Blockbuster was simply mismanaged badly.  I never cared for the Blockbuster B&M stores, or any type of video rental store for that matter, especially not after getting a taste of the NetFlix mail order system.  It seemed like no matter how many copies of a given title Blockbuster had there never seemed to be any available for rent if it was a current movie.  At least with NetFlix you could pick and choose from their catalogue and be guaranteed that you’d get a movie in your wishlist without having to drive to the store and pay ridiculous rental fees ($5.00 for a 1-day Blu-Ray rental, IIRC).  I went back and forth between Blockbuster and NetFlix a couple of times to take advantage of whatever deals each was offering at the time.  I finally went back to NetFlix, but eventually dropped them after a while.  I got tired of receiving scratched or damaged discs and being on waiting lists for months at a time.  From that aspect, I can see why streaming services have become so attractive to many people.  I tried RedBox a few times, but most of the kiosks located near me never had the titles available that I wanted when I wanted them.