Contest – Boston Bruins Stereo Headphones


THIS CONTEST HAS ENDED! Winner will be announced soon!! The prizes and giveaways continue, this time up, courtesy of the fine folks at we have a set of their Boston Bruins NHL branded Stereo Headphones! Here’s some info on these cool looking (assuming you like hockey) headphones with an MSRP of $40: The Coloud Twelve headphone is a thoroughly […]

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SageTV Gives the Gift of V7 to V5/V6 Users

When the store shut down on Saturday anyone who was evaluating SageTV V7, but hadn’t pulled the trigger on an upgrade license, was in an uncomfortable position not just because going back to a previous rev would have been difficult because of all the enhancements wrapped into V7, but because the wiz.bin (the SageTV database) isn’t compatible between versions.  Fortunately […]

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Scythe Kozuti Low Profile CPU Heatsink


Scythe has been around a while now, after bursting on the scene with their awesome tower cooler. But luckily they understand the need for quiet cooling in HTPC chassis. Here’s a new one that’s pretty darned tiny. The Scythe Kozuti is the first candidate we’ve seen that might have the capability of beating one of these low profile stock coolers […]

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Amazon Beefs Up Prime Streaming Catalog

It’s good to see Amazon sticking behind it’s streaming service, which you get for free with a Prime subscription for $79/year. More than affordable, but I would hope they will increase their HD offerings. Anyone here fully switch from Netflix to Amazon for streaming? Unfortunately, many of the added TV shows were not in high definition (HD). When we last […]

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PCMag asks: Which HDTV Type is Best? – Answers a Different Question

I can’t disagree with the author’s assertion that LED backlit displays are better than their older sibling, but any article that puts “screen thickness” first in the list of important factors when choosing a display then neglects much more important things that actually affect picture quality – like color accuracy, the number of local dimming zones and video processing capabilities […]

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SlingPlayer for Boxee Box hands-on

Do you love the Boxee Box but can’t live without real-time TV? Well…Slingbox is aiming to help you out as they are working on an app for Boxee that will let you stream directly to it. It’s kind of a cluster as you have to launch the app, then connect to the Slingbox, and then start streaming…but it’s a step […]

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Habey EMC-600B SFF Chassis


The quest for the perfect home theater PC (HTPC) case is always a challenge even in today’s world where there is a healthy amount of chassis to choose from in all shapes and sizes. While some people prefer an HTPC chassis which stands out in their A/V stack there are plenty of people that want something quiet, subtle and most […]

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PSU Backplate


When you use a picoPSU in a case with space for a full ATX power supply unit (PSU) two questions can’t help but come up:  how to plug the giant gap in the back, and where to mount the external plug.  In the past I’ve just cut the back off a broken standard PSU and drilled a hole.  While certainly […]

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Thermaltake Element Q Mini-ITX Case

Thermaltake has been making cases for a while, but usually they’re on the flashier, gamer side of things. This offering has a nice look. Notice the red on the front, which I actually don’t mind all that much, but it might not fit in with your specific environment. The Thermaltake Element Q mini-ITX case was made for space-limited conditions, such […]

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