SlingPlayer for Boxee Box hands-on

Do you love the Boxee Box but can’t live without real-time TV? Well…Slingbox is aiming to help you out as they are working on an app for Boxee that will let you stream directly to it. It’s kind of a cluster as you have to launch the app, then connect to the Slingbox, and then start streaming…but it’s a step in the right direction.

The player launched without issue on the demo system we saw, and the interface should feel familiar if you’ve used any of the SlingPlayer mobile apps. Sling says the application will appear in the list of Boxee apps and in the Spotlight on Google TV when it hits public beta within the next month, or you can sign up to be notified on Sling’s website. Post-beta pricing and availability details haven’t been released, but you can get your TV fix for free for the duration of the beta period.