SageTV Gives the Gift of V7 to V5/V6 Users

When the store shut down on Saturday anyone who was evaluating SageTV V7, but hadn’t pulled the trigger on an upgrade license, was in an uncomfortable position not just because going back to a previous rev would have been difficult because of all the enhancements wrapped into V7, but because the wiz.bin (the SageTV database) isn’t compatible between versions. 

Fortunately our new Mountain View overlords have shown some benevolence to those facing pending expiration, and anyone with a valid V5/V6 license key, by offering up updated exes that will not require an upgrade license to run.  My internal optimist believes that this is a signal of two things: Jeff is still calling [at least some of] the shots, and Google will try to do the right thing for existing users.  We’ll still have to wait and see what happens to the best HTPC software available, hopefully there is more good stuff on the way.

Got some good news for now. I’ve been authorized to post updated EXEs for SageTV and SageTVService Version 7 for Windows. These new EXEs do not need a V7 upgrade key to run. They will run with exisiting V5 or V6 licenses. This is to satisfy existing customers who did an upgrade to V7, but the trial has expired or is about to expire on them.


Replace your existing V7 EXE files for SageTV.exe and SageTVService.exe with the corresponding ones inside the zip files attached to this message. If you have an existing V5 or V6 key, then V7 will function for you properly.


  • Nice! 

    Nice! Cool

  • That is a pleasant surprise. 

    That is a pleasant surprise.  Doesn’t have any affect on me, but good to hear they haven’t completely given up on their user base.