HTR Reviews Auralex Acoustics’ SubDude HD Subwoofer Isolation Platform

My house was built in the 1920’s so like the reviewer at HTR I often get unwanted vibration transferred from the sub and have often thought about trying to find something to isolate it from the floor.  $60 is a little outside my impulse buy range, but the given the glowing results I might have to attempt a repro.

The SubDude HD is isolation platform designed to help decouple your sub from the room itself, which according to Auralex will result in tighter bass, better accuracy and reduced vibrations. For me, it was the latter that I was looking to cure, for in my home my dual JL Audio Fathom f110s can be responsible for some serious ‘shake,’ thanks in part to my home’s construction, which in 1940 was probably top-notch but not so much today. During spirited listening sessions vibrations are a serious issue for me and can rob my system of some of its low-end prowess. I learned of the SubDude HD’s existence on our forum, Home Theater Spot, where several users had commented on it solving a number of their bass issues – including excessive vibration. Since the SubDude HD retails for $70 (though I’ve seen it offered online for less), it was worth a shot. 

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  • Auralex also has isolation

    Auralex also has isolation platforms for all your speakers as well. It has great customer reviews on Amazon and is only $50 there.

    • Do you think the speaker

      Do you think the speaker isolators would do anything if you had good stands?

      • A good stand can typically be

        A good stand can typically be filled with some material that should help reduce vibration and resonance of the tube( s ) so I imagine that may do much of the job of the isolator.