Sandy Bridge-based Pentium G850, G840 and G620 Chips Reviewed


Intel’s Sandy Bridge Pentium chips released about a month ago piqued our interest for what could be a perfect combination of price and features for many HTPC builders. X-bit labs reviewed the G850, G840 and G620 and found them quite capable and recommended them specifically for HTPC use. 

With the G620 performing similarly to the Clarkdale i3-530 and sipping only slightly more power than an i3-2100T, it’s quite easy to understand why. If you’re the type of user who demands more with commercial skip analysis or transcoding via Quick Sync, you’ll likely be happier with a Core-branded Intel part.

…we can definitely recommend these CPUs for HTPC. Despite the declared TDP of 65 W, in reality they are very energy-efficient. In this aspect they are comparable with 35 W Core i3 CPUs from the specific energy-efficient T-series. The same is true about performance. The new Pentium processors on average work just as fast as Core i3-2100T. Their only weakness is video transcoding tasks, where Core i3 may be significantly faster due to Quick Sync support.

X-bit labs