Ad Watch: The Super Bowl Commercials

I know this isn’t directly Home theater related, but with so much attention to it, I wanted to find a blog that had links to the Super Bowl commercials. There were quite a few funny ones, and even included complete selling out for Eminem. I think the Doritos dog was hilarious, as of course was the VW one. What was your favorite?

The movie category vied with the automotive category for supremacy in the game. If you toss in auto-related spots, like those for Bridgestone, CarMax and, the auto category came out ahead. But with a surprise spot for the coming movie “Limitless,” the tally for movie studios totaled five — Disney, Paramount, Relativity, 20th Century Fox and Universal — and there were 10 movies advertised nationally in total.


  • Living 2.5 miles outside of
    Living 2.5 miles outside of Detroit my favorite was the Chrysler ad with Eminem. I feel the ad was more about Detroit and the bad rep that we have than the car, or Chrysler, or even Eminem. (Metro) Detroiters are fiercely proud of where we’re from. Sellout or not that ad summed up how the majority of people feel in the area. It makes me sad that when I travel out of state and people ask where I’m from the response across the board is negative. Anyone who has been here knows the real story. They know the area has a lot more to offer than riots that happened over 40 years ago, blight, murder, and God knows whatever else people think about when they think of Detroit. Stepping off my soap box my favorite, unbiased, ad was the Star Wars VW ad. It reminded me of myself back in the day doing stuff like that.

  • I must have missed the

    I must have missed the Chrysler ad because I’m pretty sure the ad I saw with Eminem was for canned Iced Tea.

    +1 for the VW mini Darth Vader ad.  My wife and I both loved it.  The most disturbing ad goes to the Doritos finger-licking, pants sniffing dude, with Joan Rivers as the runner-up for Go-Daddy (when she dies they can just recycle her with all the plastic she’s got inside her).  The Doritos dog was also cute but the rest of the ads were well below average by Super Bowl standards.  Overall they were quite disappointing.

    On another note, am I the only one that thought the audio mix for the half-time show totally sucked?  I’m not a big fan of the Black-Eyed Peas but I thought they were awful.  I’d rather see one group perform during half-time without the rest of the extras running about the field looking downright silly.  The overblown productions have gotten tiresome and redundant, if not completely boring.  No doubt they wasted millions on coordinating the stage settings and extras when they could have saved themselves a bundle and put on a better show with less.

  • George L. Schmauch Jr.

    The wife and I finally sat

    The wife and I finally sat down and watched the commercials (we don’t watch football).  The Vader/VW commercial was definitely the best.  Speaking of which, did anyone catch this in the NYT article:

    I wonder if VW and its agency, Deutsch L.A., are not kicking themselves for running a 30-second version in the game rather than the 60-second version that is getting all the views on YouTube.

    So true!  Pwned by the NYT.  That’s just sad.

    My second favorite was the Pepsi/Can Thrower ad.  Maybe you have to be married to really appreciate that one.

    A very close third was the Bridgestone/Beaver commercial.  I was cracking up at that one.

    I’m afraid to admit it, but the CarMax/I Feel Like commercial actually had me laughing by the end.  I think it was just the gymnast doing flips on the mattress that finally got me laughing.

    That Doritos/Finger Licking commercial was just… WRONG… on so many levels.

  • The audio of the Black eyed

    The audio of the Black eyed peas was terrible.  It was completely unwatchable.  And my TV was too big for that plastic cap.  It got all sweaty and nasty.  Someone should have tried rehersing the gig.