Blu-ray Releases – February 15, 2011

A lot of older releases on the list this week, and honestly not too much that stands out to me outside of the pick… MissingRemote’s Pick of the Week  Unstoppable ** Denzel Washington and Chris Kline on a train for 2 hours? Oh yes, this is a thrill ride! It actually was fairly entertaining, as the two battle to stop […]

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Intel Core i3-2100T and DH67CF Mini-ITX Motherboard


In our launch coverage of Intel’s Sandy Bridge we took an in-depth tour of the platform’s capabilities.  But our previous coverage was limited to a higher end member of the CPU lineup with a 95 watt TDP, that made is less ideal for dedicated home theater PC (HTPC) use–especially considering its tantalizing siblings scheduled to arrive shortly thereafter. Fortunately we […]

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A Quick Look at Boxee Box Netflix

Since it’s Valentines Day I have to make this quick so just the highlights. Boxee’s Netflix uses the new HTML5 Netflix application HD is available Multi-channel audio tracks are listed (Dolby Digital Plus!), but don’t play – see the screenshot gallery for the error. Subtitles are listed and work DVD titles are listed in the results (but I wish they […]

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