MPAA Reaches All Time High in Box Office

We don’t often post a press release, but this one was too juicy not to post given the last couple years the MPAA has been complaining about how piracy, Netflix and all things digital are tearing them down. The report shows that global box office receipts for all films released around the world reached an all time high of $31.8 […]

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Is Pay TV Making a Comeback?

Interesting report courtesy of NewTeeVee showing that pay TV subscriptions are actually rising. I have to wonder if Amazon jumping on the streaming TV bandwagon will have any affect on these numbers. Company 4Q Sub +/- 3Q Sub +/- Comcast -135,000 -275,000 Time Warner Cable -141,000 -155,000 Cablevision -35,000 -24,500 AT&T 246,000 236,000 Verizon 182,000 204,000 DirecTV 289,000 174,000 Dish […]

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Lian-Li PC-C50 Case


Here’s a quick review of an HTPC case from Lian Li, makers of all aluminum chassis. I used to have one, and the design was wonderful, not sure I’m a HUGE fan of this design but it seems to serve its purpose. You can see from the pictures here, that the center bar is VERY close to my graphics card, […]

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