Roku in Retail, Boxee Box Firmware Update Coming

Some nice news from two of the more prominent media player companies. First Roku answers the recent Boxee in Best Buy news with an announcement that not only are they in Best Buy, but also at BJ’s, Fry’s and Radioshack—did I just say Radioshack? How on earth is that company still in business. Ok, I digress.

And in other news, Boxee has announced an upcoming firmware update for their Box which will have some overall stability fixes and performance improvements, as well as support the Boxee on iPad application. Temper your patience though, this won’t be out until May. Those sneaky teasing Boxee folks!

And don’t forget, if you are looking for a Media Player in general, to check out our Comparison Guide to help you find the right one for your needs.

  • Mike, I don’t think

    Mike, I don’t think Radioshack is in business any longer. It is now known as “The Shack,” isn’t it?

    • I think you are both right.
      I think you are both right. It is called Radio Shack, but if you walk into one they say welcome to, “The Shack”

      It funny this article is on here. I was just at Best Buy and saw a roku on the self, and I was like, I should mention that. You beat me to this one Mike…..

  • George L. Schmauch Jr.

    Actually, I believe they

    Actually, I believe they tried out “The Shack” marketing and it failed miserably.  There’s no mention of “The Shack” name any longer on their website.  The website even redirects to

    EDIT:  Of course, as soon as I write that, I notice two references to “The Shack” on their homepage.

    • Marketing must not be that

      Marketing must not be that miserable, we’re all talking about it! Laughing