VLC media player updated to version 1.1.8


If you have ever had problems playing a file format or getting subtitles to work, then most likely you eventually gave up and downloaded VLC. Here’s info on a new update for it. It’s not the prettiest player in the world, but it’s bloody powerful as there’s not much it can’t handle. The VideoLAN team has made available a new […]

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Arcsoft Total Media Theatre 3 Giveaway at Facebook

I was just relaxing in my hotel in Dallas and remembered I had one final copy of Arcsoft’s Total Media Theatre 3 left at my house, so I wanted to try something a little different. So we’re going to be giving away the copy with entries only through Facebook! So head on over to Facebook.com/MissingRemote and enter. (Sorry to our […]

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Sonos Wireless Multi-Room System


Sonos is not a new company, but as big an HTPC buff as I am whenever friends or families tell me all they want is to play music around the house, they’re the name I recommend. Here our friend Damian (Dbone in the forums here) takes a step away from his media player reviews and takes a look at the […]

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Projection Screen Basics

Like Andrew, I also would like to have a projection setup someday. There’s simply no replacement for the sheer envelopment that a projector can bring with a 100″+ screen. Unfortunately, my current abode isn’t ideal, but I plan to set up a dedicated screening room in my next residence so I like to stay informed on the technology. Following on […]

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7 Observations from EHX 2011

The Electronic Home Expo (EHX) is an annual (or is it twice) show for custom home installers and is really a fun show to see some of the fancy high end products you probably can’t afford. In an unusual twist for a CE pro-oriented show, the security-related educational sessions (including the home health technology presentations) drew larger crowds than the […]

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Internet Streaming Services Analyzed, Winner Declared

If you are looking for an analysis of streaming content services which places an emphasis on quality, Tech of the Hub Blog has got you covered. The result is no surprise, VUDU is top dog while Netflix is declared “best value”. Given the recent announcements from Netflix and Amazon, there’s been a lot written about video streaming services lately. One […]

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Blu-Ray Releases – March 22, 2011

A lot of Blu-ray releases this week, but I didn’t see much stand out. Well, that is besides “Battle of Los Angeles.” But worry not, the studios have not gone mad, this is not the one still in theaters but instead is a low budget copy cat garbage film. How they get away with things like that are beyond me. […]

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Samsung Reveals 2011 3D Bluetooth Glasses

Samsung 2011 Bluetooth 3D Glasses

If you have read our XPAND Universal 3D Glasses review, you know why we’re not too fond of infrared as a physical communication layer for active shutter glasses. Samsung has now finally uncovered their new Bluetooth 3D active shutter glasses that will be used with 2011 models. Samsung appears to have also enhanced the feature set of their new glasses […]

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Verizon FiOS Picks Up ESPN 3D


As a Cox Cable subscriber, I have yet another group of people to be jealous of . Verizon FiOS customers will join Comcast, DirecTV, Time Warner Cable and AT&T U-verse when they begin receiving ESPN 3D on April 5th. This comes just in time for the Master’s golf tournament and the NBA playoffs. FiOS customers must subscribe to the Ultimate […]

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Boxee Box by D-Link Now Available at Best Buy

Some readers here might dismiss this as non-news, but I think this is *HUGE* for Boxee being able to get into one of the largest electronic retailers in Best Buy. Not just for the convenience factor, but for a lot of people that are intimidated by new technologies, the ability to be able to conveniently return a product to a […]

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