Sonos Wireless Multi-Room System


Sonos is not a new company, but as big an HTPC buff as I am whenever friends or families tell me all they want is to play music around the house, they’re the name I recommend. Here our friend Damian (Dbone in the forums here) takes a step away from his media player reviews and takes a look at the Sonos Multi-Room solution which is pretty slick assuming it serves your needs. I wonder when Sonos is going to GO the route of video playback though given their extreme popularity with music?

…with SonosNet each Sonos ZonePlayer is turned into a repeater, so as you add ZonePlayers your mesh network actually grows. This also allows each ZonePlayer to communicate with the closest ZonePlayer as opposed to pulling in the wireless signal from a single point (such as a wireless router) which could suffer from interference or other factors. The second key benefit is that SonosNet does not share bandwidth with your existing network, so it should have no impact on other facets of your network (such as internet browsing). Sonos ZonePlayers can operate wired or wireless, however it is a requirement that one ZonePlayer must be wired to your network. OK, enough of the pleasantries, let’s take a look at setting up ZonePlayers and what it has to offer.


  • Mike. I am planning to

    Mike. I am planning to purchase this one and want to use it with my TV also. I went through its decription but it couldn’t give me much details whether i can use it with TV to watch movies. Do you have any idea on this? Can i use it with my TV to boost my sounds. I have 42″ LG LCD TV purchase around 1 year back. 

    I have quite old home theater system and its almost waste now. I was planning to purchase one device which i can use it with music and TV also and i found this one could work. I don’t want to spend too much on home theater so thought this is ok and apart from this being all-in-one give me advantage to put in any room where ever i want. 

    Thanks in advance

    • Sonos only plays back music

      Sonos only plays back music at this time. Check out the review over at MediaSmartServer that Mike linked above and you’ll get a great idea of exactly what Sonos does.

    • BTW, I recommend you hit our

      BTW, I recommend you hit our forums and ask for help for your particular needs. Just tell everyone exactly what it is that you want to do and what your budget is.

  • Thanks for quick reply Aaron.

    Thanks for quick reply Aaron.

  • It looks great, but I’m just

    It looks great, but I’m just too much of a cheapskate.. 

    I have been playing with whole house audio on and off for quite a while.  The latest setup I had working (about 5 years ago) was xlobby.  it worked, but the UI wasn’t the best. I tried ampache and mpd, but again the UI was a bit lacking.

    I stumbled across the xbmc remote for android phones (and even my palm pre) and I have to say I am really impressed with that.  I might have to give that a try on an old computer using xbmc live.  Another option would be to put that on an appletv for a nice small quiet device.