Projection Screen Basics

Like Andrew, I also would like to have a projection setup someday. There’s simply no replacement for the sheer envelopment that a projector can bring with a 100″+ screen. Unfortunately, my current abode isn’t ideal, but I plan to set up a dedicated screening room in my next residence so I like to stay informed on the technology. Following on their HD projector overview, HD Guru goes over the various projection screens available (and yes, you do need a screen and not just some painted wall).

A few days ago I wrote an article espousing the virtues of front projection. I am an unabashed fan and hopelessly biased towards PJs. But to get the best performance out of a projector, you’re going to need a screen.

And this is the point where I lose the audience.

Still with me? Screens may seem boring, and there’s a lot to learn, but if you’re spending any amount of money on a projector you owe it to yourself to get a screen that lets you get the most from your new purchase.

HD Guru

  • Yep…screens are boring, but

    Yep…screens are boring, but spending a fortune on a projector just to throw it on a bed sheet is a complete waste.  I’m moving again soon and I hope to use the finished basement for a projection theater this time instead of a noisy “server room”.  Determining a good screen will probably occupy more time than picking a good projector.