AppleTV2 for $80

I don’t often front page deals news, but considering you can hack this and put XBMC on it, for only $80 the new AppleTV is a pretty good deal if you’re in need, or just want to play around. Going rate otherwise is around $97. Via our TechBargains Link

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Zediva Emerges as a New Netflix Competitor


Over the years, we’ve seen efforts from Walmart and Blockbuster to crack the Netflix juggernaut. The latest comes from Zediva which not only will rent you DVDs by mail, but will also instantly stream DVDs right to your PC, MAC, Google TV or Android devices (2.1 and higher) with plans for more devices soon. That’s not all, Zediva will rent you […]

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HD Guru Explains Projectors

The cost and installation considerations have made direct view displays a much more appealing alternative in my home theater right now,  but at some point (maybe when the kids get old enough that I can “multi-purpose” the family room) I’d love to have a nice projector.  If you’re at that stage, and like me, need a good refresher on the […]

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Titan Goes Shopping at the Media Browser Store

The next version of Media Browser, codenamed “Titan”, is expected to be released on March 21st. Titan was expected to be relatively minor update, especially compared to the major overhaul that was the recent 3.0 “Draco” release, but now comes word of at least one big change in the form of the Media Browser Store. Ahead of the “Draco” launch, […]

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New MCE Plugin from Revision3


I’ve been a big fan of Revision3 for a while now, although the shortening of HDNation was a HUGE disappointment for me. Still some quality programming in very good quality is now available for use within Media Center. I must say while I’m happy they remembered Media Center, it’s disappointing considering all the other platforms they are in that it […]

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Samsung PN58C8000 58″ Plasma Television

Haven’t had a chance to read this yet, but I know Aaron has one of these (right? Maybe it’s an LCD?). Samsung makes some very droolworthy sets though. The Samsung PN58C800 being reviewed today is Samsung’s premiere line of Plasma TV they currently have on the market. If you have around US$2500-$3000 burning a hole in your wallet for a […]

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XPAND X103 Universal 3D Glasses


If you have purchased a 3D-capable display or plan to then you will undoubtedly need to acquire 3D glasses unless you are buying one of the few glasses-free displays or don’t plan on watching 3D content. Most displays requiring 3D glasses sold to date utilize a technology known as active shutter (explained later). Obviously, you could choose to purchase active […]

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