Samsung PN58C8000 58″ Plasma Television

Haven’t had a chance to read this yet, but I know Aaron has one of these (right? Maybe it’s an LCD?). Samsung makes some very droolworthy sets though.

The Samsung PN58C800 being reviewed today is Samsung’s premiere line of Plasma TV they currently have on the market. If you have around US$2500-$3000 burning a hole in your wallet for a purchase that will last you for several years and you don’t want to cut any corners, this might be an option you want to consider. Samsung has included pretty well every option they have in the Plasma lineup into one rather large TV that should have no flaws or important missing features.


  • Yes, I do own the PN58C8000

    Yes, I do own the PN58C8000 plasma display. There are some issues I have with the review though. The HDMI ports are of the 1.4 variety and not 1.3a. I believe the reviewer meant “p” instead of “i” when detailing the file playback support. 

    I do not recommend people use the MJC feature for anything other than sports or similar video content. MJC adds interpolation and is not something that is desirable for film-based content. This interpolation is also known popularly as the Soap Opera Effect. Cinema Smooth, on the other hand, is very desirable for 24p film-based content and removes telecine judder from the viewing experience.