Netflix in Talks to Distribute Original Series

Perhaps it’s just me, but this came as a bit of a shock.  Apparently, Netflix is looking to start distributing original content.  Talk about going for the gold!  “So, Hollywood, you want to keep me from content?  I’ll just go ahead and make my own then!”

The discussions for the series—a political drama called “House of Cards” based on a British miniseries—is part of a growing behind-the-scenes push by Netflix to secure from Hollywood production companies more original shows that will run initially on Net flix’s streaming Internet service, according to a person familiar with Netflix’s plans.


  • i love it. it’s a lot of

    i love it. it’s a lot of money, but this just gives u an idea that i’m sure the amount which they’re paying studios is even more absurd if they end up paying this much for a single show. OR, they just feel it’s special enough that’s worth the exclusivity

  • At $100million for 26

    At $100million for 26 episodes, it is only $3.85million per episode.  Friends used to cost $7million per episode back in the day.  It doesn’t seem so expensive by comparison.  (Not that it’ll rake in the kind of money Friends did, but it’s only show I recall the cost per episode of.)

  • I personally think this is a

    I personally think this is a bold move.  They’re mocking TV as we now it and diving right into what is most likely inevitable anyways…on-line delivery [of original content].  I thought something like this was still years away.  Way to go Netflix, if the show is successful then this could be somewhat revolutionary.

  • I like that they decided to

    I like that they decided to pick this show up based on how popular the british version has been with their customers. ill admit that I put the british version at the top of my queue once i read that.