New MCE Plugin from Revision3


I’ve been a big fan of Revision3 for a while now, although the shortening of HDNation was a HUGE disappointment for me. Still some quality programming in very good quality is now available for use within Media Center. I must say while I’m happy they remembered Media Center, it’s disappointing considering all the other platforms they are in that it took them this long to do so.

The folks over at the Revision3 Internet TV (nerdtv) site have put out their own Media Center plugin so you can catch all their shows from the comforts of your living room.  All the shows like Tekzilla, Diggnation, Hak 5 and more are all there.  I don’t think I’ve ever watched anything from Revision3, but since a Media Center plugin was involved, I decided to check it out.

  • Unless you use an extender in

    Unless you use an extender in the living room like I do (HP x280n). I am getting no audio on the extenders. it works on the HTPC in the kid’s room (pseudo man cave, since he is in college for another 5 weeks).

  • i wonder what format audio

    i wonder what format audio they’re broadcast that it wouldn’t work on an MCX (not that i’m surprised). I’d test on my 360 for ya but i’m out of town for 2 weeks.

  • With the rev3 plug in for

    With the rev3 plug in for PlayOn and Tubecore I can watch Rev3 on the extenders.