Canadian Netflix Subscribers to Receive Lower Quality Streams By Default


It looks like Canadian ISP caps have put the crunch on Netflix users because Netflix is now defaulting every subscriber to a lower quality stream. How low? The new default results in 66% less bandwidth.

Forunately, users can change their default. It’s a sad day for the unknowing Canadian though. They’ll be forced to watch at a decreased quality.

This is Neil Hunt, Chief Product Officer, to tell our members in Canada that starting today, watching movies and TV shows streaming from Netflix will use 2/3 less data on average, with minimal impact to video quality.

Now Canadians can watch 30 hours of streaming from Netflix in a month that will consume only 9 GBytes of data, well below most data caps.

We made these changes because many Canadian Internet service providers unfortunately enforce monthly caps on the total amount of data consumed.

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