DVR Users Watch More TV, Just Not Live TV


It’s somewhat humerous that it’s taken until 2010 for reports like this to finally be published by Nielsen. For years show ratings have been hurt by unaccounted DVR users. This isn’t the first report we’ve seen implying these numbers this year, but it’s a good sign that they’re continuing to show what we already know–using a DVR lets you watch […]

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Netflix and FilmDistrict Announce First Run Streaming Agreement

Now here’s an interesting announcement. When it seems all the studios are keeping Netflix at arm’s length, this FilmDistrict studio is bringing them right in, actually bypassing traditional methods and going with Netflix after theater releases for streaming. Not the greatest movies I’ve heard of, but it’s a start. Under the deal, major motion pictures that traditionally would have been […]

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Microsoft in talks for new TV service

Microsoft has, shall we say, a bit fragmented in its business operations. As the mighty company moves towards integration of its products at what we hope is an increasing pace, news comes that they are trying to add to the livingroom wars by possibly becoming a cable provider of some sort. No real specifics in the article, but we do […]

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Hulu Plus Launches Official, Now $7.99 month

Interesting news from Hulu. One has to believe that they simply took their $7.99 cue from Netflix–surely if people had the option of Netflix (Movies+TV) for $7.99 or Hulu Plus for $10, Netflix was going to dominate. That being said, I’m never excited to see yet another monthly fee subscription. Think they can both co-exist? I am happy to announce […]

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Hulu Hits Ad Impression with 1.1 Billion Ads in October

A report like this is great considering the battle the digital fans used to have to make with record companies losing so much money. While Comcast complains about losing 500,000 subscribers, numbers like these have to be encouraging to the television content providers themselves to see that this is a legitimately viable business option…assuming they come up with something better […]

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Big Cable Is Bleeding: 500K+ Subscribers Lost In Q3

Given what Comcast announced last week, I just can’t be surprised by this at all. Just like then, I’m not entirely convinced that all (or even most) of these are due to Internet content, but more the fact that we’re in a recession, while Cable Companies just keep upping their already outrageous prices. This sounds so familiar to when Record […]

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