FCC Votes to Change CableCARD Rules

Here’s a good writeup from the FCC’s meeting today, and good news that there’s still desire to improve (versus abandoning) CableCARD. Those include ensuring that operators support accessing switched digital video by retail devices, prohibiting box price discrimination, requiring the option of consumer self-installation of the cards, giving consumers information on the cost of retail vs. leased boxes, making it […]

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CableLabs Updates Tuning Resolver Specs


Great news for those dealing with switched digital video (SDV) issues.  CableLabs has updated their Tuning Resolver (aka Tuning Adapters) Specs, TRIF-N-10.1574-3, to support a minimum of 4 tuners. Currently there are two Tuning Resolver brands, Motorola and Cisco.  The Cisco supports a maximum of two tuners; whereas the Motorola Tuning Resolver can support up to 6 streams with an updated firmware*.   This means […]

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Logitech Revue with Google TV details

There’s been so much news about the new GoogleTV box since they had their press showing this week, but I’ve been tentative to comment on anything until something more concrete came around. Here’s engadget’s details on it, and it’s much more in depth than what I’ve seen. I’ve been skeptical of the GoogleTV box since I first heard about it’s […]

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FCC Tees Up CableCARD Fixes

Some interesting post-lunch news for you CableCARD fans…I’m not exactly clear what this will equate to though. NCTA said it was not suggesting "abandoning" support for those existing 20 million boxes. It argues that since the FCC has never said it was necessary for all leased devices to include the cards, and the 10 largest operators have deployed those 20 […]

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Amazon Grabs the TV Remote

It’s not often we post news from the Wall Street Journal, but this was smack on the front of the second section today and seemed worth sharing. I’m looking forward to seeing what Amazon can field for a subscription service. It’ll be intersting to see which appliances can connect to the service, and what content they can get on the […]

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5 Questions With…Revision3 CEO Jim Louderback

Here’s a pretty candid interview with CEO of Revision3 (home of one of my favorite shows HDNation), and I couldn’t help but post this after seeing this quote below. I remember making the exact same suggestion at the MVP Summit at Microsoft a few years ago…good to know I wasn’t alone with my suggestion, ashame it has yet to develop […]

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