Logitech Revue with Google TV details

There’s been so much news about the new GoogleTV box since they had their press showing this week, but I’ve been tentative to comment on anything until something more concrete came around. Here’s engadget’s details on it, and it’s much more in depth than what I’ve seen. I’ve been skeptical of the GoogleTV box since I first heard about it’s details, and judging by the price and information here…I don’t think I was that far off base. The comments from Engadget are spot on–the video conferencing features are great, and at an amazing price if the quality keeps up, but everything else is just meh. I read somewhere and I agree, this feels very MSN TV to me. Let’s hope it doesn’t fail like that one did. Seeing as GoogleTV is built off of its Android platform, I think good things are coming here, but I’m taking a cautious approach. Personally…just give me that keyboard. *drool*

In fact, that’s our biggest takeaway here — there’s potential all over the place here, but very little of it is actually realized. The Revue is a really nice way to get Chrome on your TV with Flash 10.1, the video conferencing system is slick, and we’re definitely psyched to see what Android devs do with the platform, but potential alone isn’t necessarily worth $450. That impression might change after we get our hands on a review unit, but we’ll have to see — leaving a netbook on the couch is pretty convenient, after all.