Daily Frustrations when being a HTPC enthusiast

I’ve been using a HTPC in some way shape or form for over 7 years now. Throughout
that time I’ve gone through every single stage of enthusiasm. Where in the beginning
I was all gung-ho about everything I did, was willing to try new things, new pieces
of software, new pieces of hardware, basically anything I could get my hands
on. Over the years I’ve tried to perfect the installations, stabilize the
setup, and get to the point it would just work. 

I no longer run every plug-in for media center under the sky, I have the
select few that I run, and that is it. I don’t install any unnecessary
software, I don’t run the latest and greatest drivers or firmware, all for fear
it may break the stability I have going on with my HTPC setup. My goal is to
never have to touch the desktop of my HTPC, never have to use the mouse or
keyboard, and use it as a STB type device that "just works". For the
most part I’ve accomplished that goal. While it has taken me a while to do so,
I think I’ve gotten to that point where I want it or at least I thought so.

Recently I added a Ceton Corp InfiniTV4 cable card tuner to my setup, and
ever since I did that I’ve had one bad thing over another. While this might not
be directly related to everything Ceton, some of it is a odd coincidence. After
I installed my Ceton tuner, I started having issues with my local CBS affiliate.
I could no longer watch or record CBS without some form of pixilation or all
out video freezes. I tried different pci slots, uninstalled the drivers and
reinstalled drivers for each and every single piece of hardware in my HTPC.

I tried different hardware combinations, different hard drives, you name it
I tried it. Doing all this while did in the heart of TV season. Not a place you
want to be when your wife is getting more and more pissed off that "you’re
breaking my tv". Extenders were locking up or disconnecting, you name it I
was seeing it. Eventually I took out, and removed the software and drivers for
every single tuner card in my system, except for the Ceton. Once I did that CBS
started working perfectly. So WTF? I slowly re-added my tuner cards one by one,
and found out that my Silicon Dust HD Home Run was causing compatibility issues
with my Ceton tuner. 

Not knowing exactly what the issue is, and not knowing how to proceed with debugging
this issue, I’ve removed my HD HR tuner (for now) so that I could restore the
already low WAF in my home. So for the time being the self proclaimed
"Tuner Whore" is down to 4 tuners 🙁 

If you have seen similar issues please post up here on the forums I would
love to hear any sort of feedback on this issue. Until then, thanks for