Weekly Podcast Roundup, October 7th 2010

Sorry for the late posting of the podcast roundup, traveling for work this week, but it’s here! Is it just me or is there a TON of podcasts in the past week. Guess it’s the month of October, including one of my favorites–HTPCentric!  Enjoy!

Joining us this month is Brent Evans of Geektonic.com.  Brent’s been a SageTV user for some time and he walks us through the pros and cons as well as the big changes that have happened with the company over the last year.  Whether you’re a beginner, someone who’s considering SageTV as an HTPC solution or just want to decide if you should upgrade to the Version 7 beta, Brent has you covered..

If you know of a podcast you would like added to the weekly roundup, please do e-mail me at mike (at) missingremote dot com and I’ll make sure to add it’s RSS to my list!