Syfy Shows Renewed

It would seem that Syfy certainly has a devoted following and some good shows in its midst.  As an avid Sci-Fi fan, I was very happy to hear that all of these shows were being renewed.  First up, Warehouse 13 was renewed for a 3rd season.  It has a good set of characters tracking down mysterious artifacts with surprising powers.  They certainly have their share of comedic moments and their recent crossovers with Eureka (which itself was renewed for a 5th season) put a smile on the faces of many a geek (myself among them).  Eureka is a government-run town where the smartest people in the world have been tasked with making everything impossible a reality.  Yet another show with hilarious characters.

Haven, renewed for a 2nd season, is based on The Colorado Kid by Stephen King and is one of the stranger shows I’ve watched recently.  The weekly stories are very unusual, almost like Fringe started out with.  There are enough twists to keep you guessing and wanting to find out how the heck Agent Parker fits into all of this. 

The series follows FBI agent Audrey Parker (Rose), who takes up residence in the small town of Haven, Maine and soon discovers the town’s many secrets. A longtime refuge for people with an eclectic range of supernatural abilities, Haven also holds the key to unlocking the mysteries of Audrey’s lost past. Among the townspeople are local cop Nathan Wuornos (Lucas Bryant) and the mysterious and charming Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour).