Big Cable Is Bleeding: 500K+ Subscribers Lost In Q3

Given what Comcast announced last week, I just can’t be surprised by this at all. Just like then, I’m not entirely convinced that all (or even most) of these are due to Internet content, but more the fact that we’re in a recession, while Cable Companies just keep upping their already outrageous prices. This sounds so familiar to when Record Labels started having the same issue with people spending $20 on CD’s. In the end they got more reasonable and started thinking a bit more flexibly….I wonder if the same will happen with these MSOs.

No. 2 cable provider Time Warner Cable announced today that it shed 155,000 cable subscribers during the third quarter, which included 46,000 digital video subs. Yesterday, Charter Communications reported that it lost 63,800 basic cable subscribers during the previous quarter. And Cablevision said this morning that it shed 24,500 subscribers during the same period, including about 5,000 digital video subscribers.