DVD industry in crisis as sales slump

Raise your hand if you’ve heard this before, the slumping economy is hurting the **** industry. It seems to be a defacto excuse for a lot of big companies. But…if DVDs and Blu-ray are so dead, then why does a movie like Avatar break records on sales? Inception’s coming out…I think it will do just fine. I think this is […]

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Lian Li PC-V352 B Chassis Review


Here’s an interesting case. It was a few years ago when cube cases were all the rage for your main PC, but that really has diminished…but here’s a new offering from the all aluminum fans at Lian Li. It looks pretty slick, but I’m still not sure I could fit this in my home theater. I am speaking of the […]

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Sony NSZ-GT1 Reviewed at AnandTech

I’d love to see sales numbers for the NSZ-GT1 and Revue; can’t think the are very good because Sony dropped the price $100 a few days ago.  Besides AVRs I think Blu-ray players have the most potential as GoogleTV devices, but I have to wonder if GTV have the chops to make it in a crowded over-the-top apps market.  What […]

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