Panasonic’s 103″ Plasma 3D HDTV for $100k


It seems like every other year we see an announcement about a $100,000 big huge massive TV, and then shockingly never hear about a person actually buying it. Might this be the one that changes that? Probably not. Still cool to dream about right?!?! This product has been cultivated on a large screen display for our business, “High-speed driving technology” […]

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The geezer is back! Now get off my lawn!

I have been flogging HTPC websites in one form another for several years now. I guess it is not in my blood to give up this damn hobby. Mike, in all his stubborness, keeps chipping away at me until I finally folded like a cheep card table. What inspired me to come back at least on a part time basis? […]

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D-Link Boxee Box Reviewed at CNet


Nothing revolutionary here–love the remote, hate the lack of Hulu. We’re looking to get our very own Boxee Box soon and provide an in depth look, but for now enjoy C|Net’s opinion on it. Basic apps like Netflix, Vudu, and Hulu Plus are promised soon, but not available yet; content holders like Hulu are blocking Boxee’s browser; double-sided remote has […]

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Yahoo! Connected TVs to Start Selling Widgets

I wonder if the new AppleTV inspired this? I doubt it, but you have to appreciate the fact of Yahoo! taking a 30% cut in sales. I think the widgets are pretty cool, but am curious to see how this maps out. Applications currently offered for Connected TV sets are given away free. The programs can generate money from users […]

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