Spartacus Update

While there is no good news for Andy Whitfield at the moment, there have been some developments on the recasting of his role. Personally, the single season I spent watching Spartcacus truly created a connection for me with the character and the man behind him. I wish Andy nothing but the best. Once again, I have to say that these […]

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Hulu Hits Ad Impression with 1.1 Billion Ads in October

A report like this is great considering the battle the digital fans used to have to make with record companies losing so much money. While Comcast complains about losing 500,000 subscribers, numbers like these have to be encouraging to the television content providers themselves to see that this is a legitimately viable business option…assuming they come up with something better […]

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Boxee Remote Control Pricing Leak


I know Mikinho is ecstatic to hear about this. Ever since the first images of this remote he and many others have been clammoring to get the remote alone to integrate with their own HTPC. For $40, it can be done…maybe. If it’s true, considering the Logitech Dinovo Mini runs at $90-100, this is a pretty sweet deal. The Boxee […]

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Nvidia Geforce GTS 450

  Offering 3D Blu-ray (BD) via native HDMI 1.4 and HD audio bit stream support, the recently release NVIDIA GTS 450 represents a drastic shift in the market for discrete home theater PC (HTPC) graphics processing units (GPU). With NVIDIA now providing a feature set unmatched by any vendor we finally have serious competition for discrete space in the home […]

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